Our results are only as good as our plan

Our results are only as good as our plan

By Richard Cooper

“In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.” Laurence J. Peter wrote in 1968 in ‘The Peter Principle’. The principle is simple: An employee does well. He/she is rewarded with a promotion. He/she does well in that job, and is promoted again. This continues until the point they are no longer performing at a level deserving of a promotion, which leaves them at a level over-matched by the demands of the job – in other words, “incompetent.”

You will have encountered this, both in life and, in your career but is it really that hard to change? Of course not !

Thanks to our experience and coaching techniques, we can help insuring that you always stay ‘competent’, relevant and agile in your career. We can equip you will buckets full of self-awareness and support you every step of the way

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