Our results are only as good as our plan

By Richard Cooper


The fact is, when you look at successful people, you will almost always discover a plan behind their success. They know what they want, they work out a plan that will get them where they want to go, and they work their plan. It is the foundation for success.

As humans, we have the unique ability to affect the process of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, so here are the six major points to keep in mind:

1. Develop the right plan for you – test it and make it personal

2. Commit times to spend on it – block your diary time and DO IT

3. Keep a diary of your steps and progress / milestones

4. Reflect – make time to think about stuff, pause, take a time out to review.

5. Set goals – be as specific as you can, more detail means more focus

6. Act on your plan – make the decision to ACT – keep trying, just keep at it.

… So step out and take action on your plan now, because if the plan is good, then the results can be outstanding.

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