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Richard Cooper began life as a salesman, selling industrial fasteners and quickly realised that customers need a friendly helper, someone who has empathy, generates idea and finds solutions quickly.

Introduced to management in my 20’s, managing older staff and antiquated processes, so soon learned that trying new things, changes for the better, and leading by example were all better ways forward.

Hard worker, don’t like to sit still for long, spend a lot of my time thinking and making notes on what we can do next to improve everyone’s lives!

Great corporate apprenticeship with Swiss owned SFS Intec through the 90’s & noughties.  Their attitude to being people focussed & systems driven laid down a lot of my basic principles, including the opinion that if you look after your people, they will look after the customers who, in turn, look after your profits.

Stepped back from my corporate business life in 2017 – with no idea of what I wanted to do!

Away from work it’s all about relaxing with Music, playing Ball sports and Walking / Outdoors…. and making sure our parents get all the help they need as they hit a critical time in their lives.

Time is normally quite well planned to make room for regular holidays and long weekends.

Currently just resurrecting our 80’s rock band and feeling rather rusty.

I decided to set up a consultancy business with Helen, after working on a few projects with some of my peers over the last 12 months.  This is very challenging stuff, working inside other people’s organisations and finding things that need attention, then battling with them as they live in denial and don’t seem to want to change things.

This work all seemed to point towards a people development activity – so I formed FASTER TRACK ready to go in 2019, a place where rising stars and upper management can join us to realise their true potential as people focussed business leaders.

Helen Cooper started out from a traditionally clerical / secretarial background, worked for Nat West Bank in the 80’s, quickly promoted to role of personal banking assistant when the forward-looking management team recognised and rewarded my natural bubbly personality and professional manner., They also reaped the obvious benefits from high worth individuals to whom I spoke to daily with gravitas and credibility in connection with their assets!

This role expanded in many different areas over the next 10 years and  

working as a mix of personal assistant / business development manager / events coordinator / admin hub, I soon built up a wealth of business skills to compliment my natural empathic & personal style.

Returning from a full-time role as a mum, I continued my “organisers” role as a personal assistant for the FD & MD at Mitre Sports.  Great role, lots of fun, and got the chance to see many Premiership Football games as personal guest of the club’s secretaries in return for having pulled out the stops for them with kit, tickets and all that goes with it!  Stayed in sport, working for Puma and took a lead role on personally delivering all team kit needs for TEAM GB as we sponsored the Manchester commonwealth games in 2002.

Always feel comfortable listening to people, I seem able to pinpoint issues quickly and offer creative solutions when they are appropriate.  High scorer on fairness, empathy and compassion.

Massive sports fan and lover of all genres of music. enjoying concerts, small gigs, buskers and singing in the car a lot! 

Glad we can now spend time relaxing on holiday and chilling time outdoors, walking and talking about life!  Always busy doing jobs and re-arranging stuff around the house when others don’t appear to respect the house rules on tidyness!

Contact for more information Telephone: 07768 345048 or write to richard@up-front.co.uk

Contact for more information

Telephone: 07768 345048

or write to richard@up-front.co.uk