Change Acceleration & Business Consulting

Change Acceleration & Business Consulting

Most business owners and CEO’s seem to work every day in their business yet find themselves somewhere on a journey – trying to find a way to slowly and gently withdraw from it. At work they are bombed with tactical details, repetitive questions from others who are paid to know the answers and as a result they seem unable to focus on their other interests that provide greater refreshment and personal stimulation. Golf, Acquisitions, Investments, Dancing, Travelling or even Grandparenting…. it should be easy to break away, but it’s not – unless you have someone that can see what’s happening, who knows how to mobilise your team and help you change it.

Often the business has built up a good reputation for its products or services, loyal customers have stayed over the years and everyone has been happy to share the rewards of a decent performance. Then along comes a change, the internet, government policy, even the climate can change – so then there’s a real need to change or face the unknown future without a plan. You need to fix this and get a plan, but you don’t have time or know what to do.
The managers in the business just haven’t seen it coming either. The good people are leaving, technology is speeding up and we don’t have the speed any more and probably some customers are now drifting or sharing their business as they start to feel vulnerable putting all their eggs in one basket.

CEO’s normally come to us in search of clarity, seeking the “golden bullet” that they are missing. Before they can start the change process, they need to draw up a good action plan to take away their frustrations and fears in readiness to help improve the performance of the individuals, their teams and ultimately, the bottom line in their business. We help them draw up a plan.

Owners of businesses agonise over doing the right thing, they sometimes face a selfish decision to protect themselves and their family, putting off the bigger decision to change what’s going on in the business.


Often, they are so close to the workers and systems that they just can’t see a logical way out of it. We can help them get through this. If you’re not sure about how to you feel or get a little awkward about these issues, please ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS

Why would you be happy to see the business reduce in size?
Why would you not hold key people accountable?
Do we need to replace customers that have gone away?
When did you last change how you reward good people?
Now reflect on any negative response you were pondering….

We are committed to understanding the dynamics within an organisation / business situation, so we can make a holistic assessment and promote the most practical ways to put together priorities – 1 or 2 days inside an organisation, talking to the people working there, is usually sufficient to understand the culture, form opinions and summarise the reasons why things are as they are ! History, heritage, people, customers, money all influence the way we think we need to do things, our job is to find these, expose all and present a few ideas on how to challenge or change things for the better.

A lot of bosses have some great ideas, the people at the coal face are willing to test new things and try different ways to improve the output, adding variety and putting the fun back into their work – only to be supressed by some questionable MIDDLE MANAGEMENT who believe their role is to control things (and people) acting as departmental protector or gate-keeper, keeping things away from the CEO, reporting “all is well, most of the time”.

Often the boss doesn’t have a truly clear picture of what’s going on, when they happen or how things are getting done – NOT ON OUR WATCH!

“Richard has a wealth of business experience. He spends time to understand the people, and their very personal hopes and fears, alongside addressing specific business issues. He deals with these in a fun and down-to-earth manner without ever missing the bigger picture. His experience of larger organisations allows him to put in place systems and disciplines that smaller to medium companies don’t always know that they need. His infectious good humour makes him great company, and he will leave any business in a much better place.”

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