Leadership development programme

Our mission is to develop your managers to become better leaders that go on to change organisations for the better. A better culture with better people producing better results!
Extraordinary growth and performance come from companies who thrive on great leadership, people follow those who inspire them, the ones that know how to get the best out of others and lead a team of motivated individuals that perform even better when they play as a team.
Far too many organisations promote people into positions of responsibility – they create a “muck-in manager” and although this person is a great worker with loads of experience, they have limited ideas on how to lead people or build a strong team. The structure of a company tells you a lot about its attitude towards roles and responsibilities, often the level of management under the BIG BOSS carries much of these duties, and even more often they don’t really know how to carry out the “people things” well.

Our leadership development programme includes the many facets and hidden skills of solid leadership that those in high ranking roles need to call on, so rather than have them learn it as they go –

we make sure all this knowhow is covered in the regular meetings.
Buzz words, but all on the money… empathy, commitment, delegation, empowerment, self- awareness, motivation, authenticity, actualisation and achievement – it’s all in there.

We have recently launched our “FASTER TRACK” initiative, a regular programme of off-site meetings with 10-12 like-minded peers coming together to exchange experiences. This quickly adds to their skill sets and better prepares them for their leadership journey, all tooled up and ready to do a better job in the daily business. This group works on plans, processes, people and their performance. WE work as a team, supported by experienced and qualified leadership coaches in a safe and encouraging environment.


Its not easy being the boss or owner of a business, all the tasks you need to complete that only you can be responsible for…….most of which, you tend to handle and solve by yourself.

Catalyst has been set up to help MD’s and business owners get the job done better.  It’s a stimulating environment where a collection of hand-picked CEO’s come together to share their individual and emerging challenges, getting help and support from their peers – like minded people who impart credible suggestions based on their own experiences along the way.

In a bid to create the perfect tool-kit for people who run organisations, we bring in expert resources. These people are awesome and provide a great steer on critical issues that comes with managing a business in the dynamic climate we currently work in.

Group members come together every month to share success stories, problems, sales ideas and using their high performing network of non-exec directors get asked tough questions and play devil’s advocate for each other to mutually explore countless scenarios and options to help find solutions.

Working on the business is probably even more important that working in the business, but if you’ve too much daily stuff to attend to – it just won’t get done and the business hits the wall.  That’s why we are focused on STIMULATING LEADERS to explore new skills and techniques that act as a CATALYST and help accelerate their business to new levels of efficiency, professionalism and profitability.

 A taster from our topics list for 2019

  • Time management and getting your life back
  • How to facilitate, motivate and stimulate those around you 
  • Selling your business and getting the best price
  • Succession planning and ownership transition 
  • Leading your management team to self-actualisation and autonomy
  • Optimising the streams of income and switching off the “sour” ones
  • Protecting your wealth and family jewels
  • Dealing with stressful situations without getting stressed
  • Strategic planning, process mapping and accelerating organisational change
  • Recruitment and staff retention program
  • Pension planning, timing and what on earth you are going to do in retirement

Do let us know if you’d like to join us later this year  07768 345048

“The energy and enthusiasm sets everyone up for a productive session. The take away value from mixing with like-minded peers is excellent”

Garry Ogden, CEO Ogden Fulfilment

Contact for more information Telephone: 07768 345048 or write to richard@up-front.co.uk

Contact for more information

Telephone: 07768 345048

or write to richard@up-front.co.uk