Individual coaching & mentoring

“it’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it!” Bananarama, all girl 80’s pop group! Actually…. BOTH matter! A LOT! This is a BESPOKE set of activities, centred around an individual realising they would benefit from spending time working together with us, usually away from their desk, with them as the focus – rather than colleagues or business processes. The people we help come in many shapes and sizes, however they normally sit fairly-high up in the organisation - so the help and advice we provide, can go quickly into the “bloodstream of the business”. So often we discover that that they didn’t realise how they did things, the style they normally adopt – they just learned it over time and nobody ever gave them feedback or studied their individual technique. This kind of work is usually initiated by the boss, after feelings of frustration that although the individual is very capable handling tasks and projects that they are responsible for - untrained habits and eccentric inter-personal skills set seem to compromise the managers effectiveness and contribute to inferior performance and incoherence with the people they work with.

“Richard’s work has been a huge help to me at such a critical point in my career, bringing a no-nonsense and sometimes unorthodox style of coaching and mentoring. The sessions help to drive real progress and confidence in yourself as a leader."

Emma Harbottle MD Analox Sensor Technology

Contact for more information Telephone: 07768 345048 or write to

Contact for more information

Telephone: 07768 345048

or write to