Process Observation and Mapping

Did you realise that you need to do something? (assuming you know what it is)
Do you have the time, patience and experience to dig down and find it?
Do you really want to, or need to, do it yourself?
Many of us begin in smaller organisations, where there is little need for a heavy structure and processes, a place where accountability is much more obvious as things are much more visible. Others who have experienced the “corporate world” take things like personal performance reviews and documented “roles & responsibilities” for granted.

We hear these people saying things like –
“doesn’t every organisation have process mapping? or a programme of regular meetings and measurements for all areas of activity? "
NO, they don’t, but it might help them to consider putting them in place, this is where we come in. A lot of organisations tend to grow by evolution, they increase their customer base, their product offering and then add more people & space to deal with the increase in activity. It’s obvious that large enterprises can’t operate like a “family business” but the management can sometimes get caught out by trying to manage with a similar structure or mindset.
Some start with us talking to the people, understanding what goes on, watching and challenging why things are done in a certain way.
Others prefer our presence in meetings for observations & feedback on their standard daily routines.
Wherever we begin, we ask questions, we dig deep, we seek the business reasoning and rationale behind the processes.
Once we start to understand the dynamics and ways that people do things,
the more we uncover opportunities for improvements & behavioural / task standardisation

  • Manufacturing steps broken down in more detail
  • Sales & Purchasing process flow and trouble shooting
  • Meetings, preparation, agenda, chairing, time keeping & actions
  • Quality management & auditing
  • Individual roles and responsibilities documents
  • E-mail and correspondence protocol
  • Personal performance reviews
  • Information sharing and systematic business update procedure

We have a reputation for being professional, inquisitive and thorough with our observations, backed up with our no-nonsense, robust & practical feedback with realistic and simple improvement suggestions.

“The absolute desire to get to the facts quickly is Richard’s hallmark. He has the flexibility to talk on a professional level to me, and the ability to gain respect from my lads on the shop floor at the same time”

Rupert Person, Owner Olicana Products Ltd

Contact for more information Telephone: 07768 345048 or write to

Contact for more information

Telephone: 07768 345048

or write to